LIFESTYLE: Pregnancy's popularity in the later years

Women are ridiculously powerful beings. We give life, nurture said life while building harmonious homes and careers all around that. More recently, women are pushing the limits with pregnancy in the later years. Geriatric is the draconian term given to women who conceive from 35 years and beyond but we are proving to be far from days of old. I have given birth both as a young mama and as a geriatric all resulting with healthy, beautiful babies. All pregnancies have their challenges, though geriatric pregnancies do carry somewhat additional sets of risks, recent reports of famous women from Janet Jackson to Kelly Preston and Brigitte Nielson are having healthy pregnancies in their 40's and beyond.

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VOGUE has made history by commissioning its first ever black photographer. She's also a woman. Yes, Queens! Get the details here.


FAMILY: A colorful way to care

At a recent fundraising event, these were spotted and then bought. Rainbow cookies for kids all in the name of charity which were then enjoyed in their play room, no less. We usually rant about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for growing children but today we deviate and devour. Children must have fun with food. We have friends and followers who preach that even a simple treat can throw a child off balance but everything in moderation we say.



Attending wedding fairs tends to bring out the bride in all of us. Musical offerings, floral delights, white laced fashion shows featuring cherub children and bow ties come together to create bridal bliss. We were on recon for an international client with distinct taste gathering celebratory inspiration for her upcoming nuptials. Wild Hearts Weddings curates a selection of luxury vendors to offer brides the best of the best in their town. WORLD did an amazing presentation and pop-up shop on the sensory dynamics that a woman can display at her wedding with scents inspired by none other than Princess Grace. Radha's HENNA supplied free traditional body art for the patient patrons. Gypset had the most incredible bespoke glamping display that can be styled and hired for any occasion.
Larcomb Winery was the scenic venue situated just outside of Christchurch making it an ideal wedding location.