SHOPPING + LOVE: Eco-Luxury Under a Grand via Vogue

V- Day is less than a month away which is probably why I'm feeling love is already in the air. In honor of the looming day of love, I'm spreading the love via Vogue. Their latest stunning story on unconventional engagement rings features ethically sourced materials, non- diamond choices, pavè pieces and antiques as an alternative to the traditional diamond. The best part isthat these eco-luxury rings are all under a grand. Now that's grand. See my favorites below.

Photos via vogue.com


GARDEN: Bean Blessed

The garden has been blessed with a bounty of beans. One of my favorite activities is picking beans in the morning garden for the evening meal. My go to recipe for braised beans is garlic, onion, tomatoes, a few rashers of bacon, salt, pepper and water. Bring to boil and then let it simmer down for 30-45 min. Enjoy as a side or quick solo meal. 
Bon appetit. 

MM: Regal Red + Power Purple=Timeless

My affinity for The Duchess is real and clearly so is the rest of the world's. The dress she's seen wearing below has sold out in a matter of hours. She is due in April, still n a philanthropic mission and boldly seen here glowing in Stewart Weitzman heels. The look is said to mix the power purple and regal red combo her MIL and The Queen have often chosen in the past. We love this timeless look. 
Notable style statement: Meghan sticks to her American girl roots by mixing up her ensemble with a $1400 Sentaler coat and a $140 dress by Aritzia. (READ: SOLD OUT) You cannot put a pricetag on what's fabulously fashionable but if you did, $140 is okay for most of us. 
Also, if The Duchess MM dons it, it's a done deal.


SHOPPING: Camilla Comes First

FIRST! That's what my mommy joggers said after they were delivered to the studio and I immediately put them on for a very busy day. Come in, Camilla. You're our first fashion of the year. Embellished silk, comfortable fit, fabulously printed pants. Would we expect anything else from Camilla? The Australian label has taken the world by storm. I've introduced a few friends to it, photographed it, walked a runway in it and I wear it for work and play. The ladies of the motherhood have every right to feel fabulous as we schlep ourselves, plus the future citizens of the world, around to activities, appointments, play dates, work and whatnot.

Parenting is a job done with love for love so wear what you love.


LIFESTYLE: Making Meaningful Mandalas

Having many mechanisms in place for children and adults alike to manage their stress are fundamental parts to a harmonious family life. Emotions and stress are both natural occurrences and being able to positively deal with our own and what we experience in the world from others helps to create success. Life happens to everyone. It's how we deal with it that's the differentiating factor. In moments of stress we can breathe deeply, take a walk or have a break as opposed to losing it. Being proactive in stress management by doing calming activities when you are not stressed is smart and my recently received artistic advice is seen here. Mandalas offer balancing visual elements that represent stability and harmony. We did these pictured above and as you color and create the ancient symbol, peace is felt within. Mandalas are known artistic elements in Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity and focusing on the beautiful symmetry has been known for centuries to relieve stress and anxiety. The finished product is fit for framing.