STYLE: NZ Cup and Show 2018

Agricultural festivals always bring out the party people. Equine celebrations bring libations with people race ready and dressed to impress.
I have a pretty good history with horses and also with the races in New Zealand, having modeled in them, helped style attendees and taken Cup Day portraits for clients. The word on the streets, however, is that these Cup send Show events are garnering a bad asked boozy connotation hence the lack of media coverage and sadly, a non-display of the fashions that abound. I'm celebrating the hats and beautiful fun of it all. I always look on the bright side of things and beyond the foolishness. So much silliness in the world, so let's focus on the style, shall we? I saw couture pieces, handmade lace, third generation farmers, hats by Rachel Trevor Morgan, shoes by Ted Baker, purebred horses and lots of smiling fresh faces.
I always leave public fashion displays and think, "Humans should dress up more and do it more often, too."

PARTY TIP TIME: Leaving a party fashionably early is always smart if you want to avoid closing time and cool kids always have somewhere else to go anyway. Safely.

Enjoy the photographic display.


PHILANTHROPY: SCAPE Celebrates 20 Years

I not so recently was invited to celebrate public art. I celebrate art on the regular but PUBLIC art is a different matter all together and best celebrated separately. It needs to please most of the masses, have true durability and still be beautiful. This task has been accomplished for the past 20 years by SCAPE Public Art and notably Director Deborah McCormick who had been a part of the organization from the beginning. Josie Whelan, Education & Community Engagement Manager, is a standout for my children having worked with her on several projects when I was a homeschooling mommy years ago. What SCAPE creates is great. The Epcot-esque piece below is entitled Fanfare and happens to be arguably my most recent favorite piece of modern art.
The gold-dipped feather by artist Kate Woodley is a close runner-up. Not only is she a family friend but feathers are very, very good luck. See how pretty charity can be? McCormick encouraged people who love art to help create it and preserve it for the people. We artfully agree.


GARDEN: Annual Family Flowers

Every year, we plant our fill of flowers for the sun. It's a full family affair with a fourteen year tradition that shows no limits as we travel from city to city. Here are clips of all hands on the dirty deck for our annual planting party. Stay tuned for more garden greatness.


FOOD: Beautiful Berries for Brunch

The nutritional value of berries is something I will lightly touch on here. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A, B, C and K with fiber plus they aid in fighting inflammation and disease. Need I type more in that regard?
Seen here atop organic porridge with a sprinkling of LSA+P, this may very well be the healthiest damn photo I've ever taken. Copy, repeat and eat. It's so easy to start your day this way and your body will thank you.

LOVE: Backup Bottle of Ready Red

I was once told by a very wise man that anyone who has the time to tell you how busy they are isn't busy enough. Now apply this theory to your relationship. Everyone is busy but love is a thing and it takes great efforts to both give and receive it. Today I'm touting the home date where we seized a spontaneous moment of togetherness as seen here with the necessary backup bottle of ready red that we keep around for just these moments. In a house with five children, we must spread the love to everyone all of the time but we believe true love starts at the top and trickles down. Love is contagious and we'll drink to that. Xx