FAMILY: Bring Back the Boards

I'll try not to rant. But actually I can't not rant. Electronic devices have taken over the world. There. I said it. I harken this message to you from one of the very mean little machines I'm talking to you about. You see? It's a real addiction. Do I say give them up? That's a negative but cut back a bit? Yes. I'll go more in depth on that topic later.
For now, I look back on days gone by. Local markets. Wooden toys. Walking everywhere.
Board games (see below). Captured here is a fun and tangible time that children have seemingly forgotten to enjoy. Head's down deep in devices you miss that mad money Monopoly can make you. No the money isn't real but neither are your virtual friends. At least you know the people you're trading properties with. They're potentially a family member so embrace this space. Bring back the board games. They're actually awesome.
Suggestions from the 5: UNO, Scrabble, Bananagrams, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary


BEAUTY: Good Morning, Face!

There are a lot of products that come across my virtual desk from nations and notions far and wide. I very much adhere to my eco-luxury ethos when selecting products especially for my skin. In between spa visits a bit of maintenance is needed especially for this festive face. I received a little pre-Christmas treat: The Original Coffee Scrub from Scrub Co., an all-natural company based out of Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Made from 100% NZ fairtrade organic coffee beans, The Original scrub exfoliates, stimulates blood flow and left my face feeling totally refreshed. Likes it's had a shot of coffee itself. Central nervous and integumentary  systems go! The Original Coffee scrub is also known to be naturally good for cellulite and stretch marks. I was grateful for the wee freebies and the directions on the back made it easy to rejuvenate the skin I'm in. Gotta love it. Thank you and thank you.

Click the link above to #shopsmart.


STYLE: MM Rocks Pregnancy in Givenchy

Our favorite Duchess stepped out fully pregnant with she and her perfect baby bump snuggly clad in black Givenchy. Pregnancy style perfected. MM looked stunning as she presented at the British Fashion Awards. Imagine the royal pressure of it all yet not a hair out of place and her style here is truly enviable. Clearly she's doing something right. We have nothing but love for her especially looking like this so God bless the child.

HOLIDAYS: Display of Merriment

Tis the season which means lots of Christmas cheer and mingling fear on the part of the tiniest in our crew. See hidden faced photo below. We have attended countless parties enjoying good company and delectable foods at every turn. We share the joy of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa with family and friends all over the globe. Enjoy these holidays and the photo display that will surely arouse your holiday spirits.