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"Nice Threads, Girl!"

I came across these gorgeous threaded bangles while boutique shopping the other day. My latest find is FACTOR located amongst a string of other similar shops, this one stands out with its eco-luxury items that are superbly on trend. These are just thread bangles. Nothing flash. What caught my eye was not only the silky sheen that pulled at my stylish heart strings but their chic simplicity. It truly is just a threaded bracelet but looks really good. The conversation with FACTOR owner of over 9 years, Belinda went like this:
ME (amazed): "These are made from threads, yeah?"
Further convo lead me to find out that they are sourced locally but handmade in India. That are also selling really quickly as costumers either go for one single come or mix them all up. Different hues of green, gold and tan along with deep red allow for maximum versatility when styling. Or not. Throwing them on with whatever from jeans to dresses and these thread bangles will surely make a statement.
Want to get crafty and make your own? Check out this video!

Shopping Find of a Friend: Crafted Cups

Truth be told, it's tiny tea cups like these that make my life bearable. I enjoy green tea on a daily basis. It's my coffee and perhaps a bit of my religion. It's relaxing, nutritious and nice. To add to the enjoyment and benefits of drinkng green tea, it is best served in crafted cups. These are the beautiful find of a clothing designer friend who appreciates the esthetics in most things. These included. I wish they were mine. No secret and I get served organic green tea from Asia each time I have the pleasure of visiting. What a refreshing find. Go vintage. It makes life a bit more delicious. 

Pieces of Me: Lady in Lace

With this post, we are encouraging you to #getdressedup. It doesn't have to be all of the time but sometimes, if not most of the time, is good. I don't mean fancy duds but just a bit of effort. Good wash and a groom and take a bit of time to choose something smart to wear. Aren't you smart? Then wear smart clothes. It shows you love yourself. You know what they say: If you can't love yourself, then you can't love anybody.

Instapost: Scene From THE Cool Kid

Life on the Inside.

Been doing a bit of insider work for the world. Heads down, I become a bit of a VOGUE vampire, sucking it all in. Fashion, food, people, politics. I love it all.

First Days of Fall Arm Party

Does that make it a farm party? It'd have to be a pretty fancy farm. 
Happy Fall, fashion lovers. 

Photo Envelopes and The Savvy Braggart

For years, I've kept the most precious photos of my loved ones and life in this photo envelope. Made of rich, red Italian leather and detailed with a brass snap closure, this is an essential for the savvy braggart. It feels so good to touch (note the texture close-up below) and it makes sharing photos easy. Not virtual sharing but a tangible element that allows people into your life. Living in reality is a hard concept for some people but printed photos have a way of keeping us all grounded.
I purchased this gorgeous piece from Red Envelope years ago but I've spotted a few goodies in the shops out and about lately.
Share your photos in the real world. Just make sure you do it in style. 

SHOPPING: Start The Year With A Jeanius

My top shop pick for the New Year is Encompass. We are devoted to the brand of Benji and proprietor extraordinaire with his sophisticated styling techniques and abilities to find the perfect pair for every derriere. There are few things better than awesome fitting jeans and this is the place to find them.
This past year I sent friends and clients from all over the globe to his boutique at The Tannery to receive world class customer service and purchase my favorite garment: JEANS. Walls of denim and racks of clothes for all the cool kids welcome you along with smiling faces ready to help you get what you need and go. The man does his job better than most and it shows. Benji and the Encompass Insta is always popping with fresh photos and click here to see why they call him the Jeanius.
Benji and his curated brands for Encompass include G Starr, Nudie Jeans, 
Nikki Ross and Grenson Girls to name a few are choice selections for customers who have distinctive taste and are seeking pieces to invest in.
The world needs more places like Encompass so that we can all shop smart. What's that mean? In this case it's knowledgeable staff, sweet surroundings and fashion fitted to perfection.

Look to Lenny

This week's photoshoot styling is inspired by Mr. Kravitz' photo seen here. We're going for stylish rocker and I think this is a bullseye in the brief.

A Week of Giving Back in Pictures

Quotationally & Photographically On The Subject Of Classical Literature For Children

When you re-read a classic you do not see in the book more than you did before. You see more in you than there was before.
Clifton Fadiman

Pieces of Me

This photo should be looked at with classic encouragement. A great bag, super skinny jeans and black heels are all classic essentials that bring a girl together. It's just another day in the life. Enjoy. Xx

BEAUTY: A Beautiful Night at Nicola Quinn Spa

Whenever the spa is involved, I feel like a very important person. Taking a bit of time out to indulge in the self is exactly what the mind, body and spirit need to feel important. On this night in particular, Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa invited their Very Important People to ascend their stunning stairway seen below and indulge in wellness with luxurious spa offerings. We were greeted with bubbles, deluxe platters, mini treatments and world-class customer service which created the most relaxing atmosphere for all the lucky attendees. It was beautiful. The staff were knowledgeable, efficient and friendly, with the owner Nicola Quinn herself available to answer questions about her own beauty line GINGER & me whose Quinoa Lift & Hydrate Eye Creme has been added as a new favorite to my beauty bag.
I also was newly introduced to the eco-luxury American brand Suntegrity. The Vegan and Organic range has products that boasts some serious skin protection elements using all natural ingredients. Made with a true awareness of the harmful effects that the sun can have on the skin and with cancer prevention in mind, this is a top choice for the conscious shopper. I'm a sunscreen devotee so I chose VANISH, the organic cleansing oil that easily removes dirt, oil and sunscreen with ease.
I'm grateful for spa nights like these, the detailed product knowledge I receive and beauty tips from the experts. All together they help me feel like I'm truly smart shopping for my best beauty and wellness. #shopsmart


Good morning!

It's a beautifully rainy day in the Pacific Northwest. But as I have learned after nearly a decade of living here, that is absolutely no reason at all not to go shopping. If we let a little thing like rain keep us from going out, we'd be shut in about 60% of the year. It's cleansing, refreshing and it happens to stimulate pretty good cardio considering how fast you'll need to duck in and out of the stores in the sometimes pouring rain.
Nevertheless, I shop on.
Weekly I look for bargains at the consignment, antique, and thrift stores that abound the greater Seattle area and their bounty never ceases to amaze me. As a mother and member of a four person (and counting...) family, I've looked beyond shopping at just the traditional stores to find all the correct pieces to complete our wardrobes. I continue to shop at places like Saks Fifth Avenue with their arguably unmatched quality and quick shipping, but less frequently than places like the Salvation Army, where I can get way more bang for my buck. There is no need to limit myself with all that has already been manufactured and is waiting for us to re-purchase at bargain basement prices.

So today, I'll keep it simple and give you a few tips on exactly what to look for when venturing out to any resale location:

1. Shop locally and frequently. Save on those awful carbon emissions and stay within about 15 miles of your house, especially since you need to do this on a weekly basis to find the best deals.

2. Never sacrifice on garment quality. Shopping quality brand names is the name of the game with resale especially when you can get a gently used blouse that originally cost $80 for $4 ($2 on half off days). Pay attention to construction- no faux, frays, or fading are three simple rules to shop by.

3. Stay focused on what you NEED. Because resale stores are so full of great deals, it can be overwhelming when you first begin. Make a list of which members of the household you are shopping for and exactly the sizes, colors, and items that they each need. This makes it easy when searching through rows and rows of clothing that quite literally can change while you are shopping.

Until next time, keep shopping and searching out those bargains. Finding a great deal on a pair of sling back Manolos can be as therapeutic as a day at the spa!

Supper at Sal's

It's the best pizza in Christchurch. Full stop. Enjoy. Xx

Photoshoot Scenes

Here are a few bits from behind the scenes. Xx

The Men of IBK Photography