STYLE: HOMED Delivers Design Inspo

Seen here is the latest cover via insta I shot for HOMED. It's a bookmark worthy site full of truly useful home design and ideas that you can use to improve yours today. Check out the greatness here for yourself. 
Each month features a fresh house in print and online. These are real spaces inhabited by real people whose stories are here to inspire us to live a better life in better looking homes. It's not about being fancy. It's about loving the space you're in and making it your own. The site also boasts expert tips from top brands like Resene and influencers insight on what works in the modern home.


FLOWERS: Making The Cut

I'm right into my cutting garden. It's not a grandiose space but it's our space and brings joy beyond. Seen here is the latest pick. Or cut. Roses aren't the only flower we grow for cutting, it's just my favorite and honestly in my humble opinion, the rose photographs the best. How pretty is she? Now here's a true story. In my life's struggle, each year I vow to rid myself of the stress that maintaining the flowers entails. But each year I'm also here...seen below. Soaking in the beauty and love my flowers offer up. As with life, one must weigh the odds and realize that sometimes the harder way is the smarter way. This garden currently makes the cut since I'm in it cutting.



A day in the life of a woman in the motherhood calls for a few things to be constant amongst the chaos. A client just this morning asked me how do I do it on the day to day with a large crew of kids. There are a number of contributing factors but water with lemon on the daily is a natural way to ensure sanity. I don't leave home without them and I refill on the go. I'm also loving the Fressko water bottle at the moment. Made of natural bamboo with a steel-lined inner, it is aesthetic and ideal for all my going. I often find my Fressko tucked away in one of the children's beds or coming straight to their pursed lips while I was out of the room for a quick second. I handwash mine regularly.  Anything that's mine is theirs, naturally. Drink up, I say.



SATC still has the ability to inspire us all in many ways. Life, love, sex and style from the leading ladies of New York had the world rapt for many a season plus two movies. Here's my latest SATC inspiration, this one from the first movie. The infamous egg chair. Yes, please. In the midst of remodeling, one must carefully curate even in the conceptual phase of creating a living space. I choose this chair for one of our outdoor spaces, if only for inspirational purposes. Eco-luxury style, rattan with lots of space for the little ones to hide in and a sturdy base for safety. Actually, I'll take this whole entire scene please. Here's hoping and happy shopping. Xx