MM Wins at Wimbledon

Today our girl crush MM stepped out in that beautiful bun of messiness and power blue stripes to enjoy Wimbledon. It is notable that this is MM and Kate Middleton's first outing without their brother spouses. I look at this relationship as a fraternal sisterhood. Not necessarily best friends but bound forever by royal loyalty. Total speculation of course, but the obvious truth is Meghan's wardrobe choice is the clear winner. 

Top Image via Vanity Fair



It is the dead of winter down under and while stocking up the cold closet I realized a good piece of fitted fur may help fight the dropping temps and my chilly mood.
How gorgeous is this ensemble? I used this as my style inspiration while shopping around for the best fur for me. Versatile and work-friendly were my main parameters. The colors in this vest are one of a kind with multi-color hues popping out. Paired with leather and jeans- we love! The girls at DèVal know how to surely style inspire.
Terms like pelage, down hairs, pelts, furbearer all came into play as I've researched fur. So have negative connotations with wearing the luxurious items but the truth is fur, for both fashion and function, has been used for centuries. My Native American ancestors did and so did civilizations all over the world. Who are we to argue with something so truly time-tested?
Go faux if you prefer but no matter what you choose, make sure you choose a fur that makes you feel fabulous.
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FOOD + FAMILY: Hello Health!

Vitamin C is vitally important in the diet. For children especially it assists in concentration, a healthy gut and overall wellness. These were local, fresh, and delivered just this morning. They are also all gone now. Children take offerings of have as much as you like to the utmost meaning. I don't momplain about stuffing yourself with wellness and in the motherhood you let the little things go.
Bye, bye mandarins. Hello health!


Anna Wintour and Nike have paired together (pun intended) in a fashion collaboration for the ages. Click here for all the news.

TRAVEL: Dunedin

Known for its lively student culture and rolling hills, Dunedin, the South Islands second largest city, is nestled in the Otago coast. Whilst travellers normally venture to Queenstown or Wanaka in the search of snow and scenic views, Dunedin is a strong contender as a holiday destination - for those who are in the know.

One of the most underrated gems of the Dunedin scene are the beaches. Frequented by surfers in all seasons, beaches such as Murdering Bay or Tunnel Beach provide stunning backdrops to any relaxing jaunt, be it during the height of summer or the crisp winter months. If you're lucky enough, you may even find yourself with a whole beach to yourself! Mind the seals though.

Not sure where to stay in Dunedin? How about renting a house for the weekend in Allans Beach, a white-sand bay situated just 7 minutes drive from Portobello. Close to popular attractions like Larnach Castle, Allans Beach is far away enough from the city to rest and relax, but close enough to pop out for a cheeky wine during the evening. Busy yourself during the day searching for Yellow-Eyed Penguins in amongst the seaside rocks, or jump aboard the Tairei Gorge Railway for a scenic tour of Otago.

Do you have a favourite Dunedin spot? Let us know!