Even Baby Deserves a Bit of Luxury so...Spread the Health

When you think of luxury you don’t often think of babies. They exhibit all kinds of behaviors that make you think of escaping their presence and seeking the luxuries of a, hip hotel, 4 star dinner, or spa. For some, babies are actually the antithesis of luxury. However, when it comes to our children we are zealots about their development and social skills. With resounding questions like “Is she crawling/walking/talking yet?” we find ourselves comparing our children to our friends. We schedule play dates and extracurricular activities that take over our social calendars. We are darn near psychotic about their schooling. Research shows that the most expensive private school for tots cost $33,000+ and applications for some very prestigious preschools are accepted at the time of a child’s birth. Unbelievable.

But with all of this attention to their development and education, how do we expect them to get there? On fries, candy & soda pop? Not going to happen. To reach their fullest potential children need the proper diet full of fruits and veggies that will fuel their little minds & allow them to experience this Earth with the clearest and purest body possible. Not only do they need foods that will help them to grow and prosper but they need foods that are of the highest quality standards to do so. This is where organic foods come into play. Many parents think the quicker the better when it comes to mealtimes with the bambinos but get rich quick schemes never work. We have to invest time and money into the cultivation of our children and it seriously begins with feeding our children organic foods.

Organic foods are grown with old school agricultural practices without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Think free-roaming chickens and grass (not corn) fed beef. Think rich flavors and various sized tomatoes. The chemicals and new fangled growing practices of the US Agricultural Society implement standards that force farmers to grow bigger, faster, stronger produce without regard to true quality. We are the leaders of the world in military power & economic debt yet our food quality lacks greatly. No wonder we are twelth in the world for education. Why don’t we demand the best for our bodies? I just don’t get it.This is where I am daring all of you to go a little bit further. Our future is our children and this will only be sustained through the nourishment of them now. Organic foods are more expensive but isn’t it worth it?

Organic foods are becoming more and more commonplace as opposed to before when they seemed to be taboo and came with a hippie connotation. But now, with the rise of Cancer deaths, allergies and obesity in children, the demand is higher than ever and rightly so. Stop eating the junk and put down a chunk...of change that is. Investing in the health of yourself and your families is worth every single penny. Once only availabe in health food stores, I have found organic baby foods at Wal-Mart, H.E.B., Albertson’s, Babies R Us, Publix, Kroger, Target, QFC and even drugstores nationwide. They are making nutritious organic baby food more available so now you parents out there have absolutely no excuse to not seek & find the luxury of organic foods for your children.

In the past year my friends and family have procreated beyond belief to produce over a dozen gorgeous babies. They all will eventually be eating at least 3 square meals a day and hopefully, a few of these amazing luxury organic baby food brands will have them dining with the best of them.
by world renown Chef and father Tyler Florence

Best known for his numerous very successful stints on the Food Network, Florence's organic baby food line adheres to the same principals as his gourmet food creations on television, at home and all over the globe. Sprout offers meals for beginner, intermediate and advanced eaters so babies can eat gourmet style foods at every age. Spices such as cinnamon, rosemary and curry flavor Sprouts’ organic baby foods just the same as your own evening meal honing their tiny pallets for sophistication.


As the proclaimed leading organic baby food line in the United States, Happy Baby provides premium meals for your family. My absolute favorite product standout from this line are their HAPPYBABY pouches. Not only are the combos delicious with choice organic baby meals like Mama Grain but they are BPA and pthalate free. HAPPYBABY pouches for Stage 1 & 2 eaters are even Kosher certified. I say Mazel Tov to that!

3. Earth’s Best Organic
These foods are a staple in my own kitchen and will soon be in yo
urs too. Their fruits, veggies and meals come in traditional glass jars that I happen to reuse for everything around the house from art supply storage to small hardware organization. Their Stage 1 jars are smaller for starters and the jars get larger for Stage 2 & 3 which is perfect as your small eater becomes more and more hungry with each feeding. Their boxed infant cereals are my go to for infants with everyday items like Whole Grain Oatmeal and Rice Cereal. They also have cereals featuring apples, sweet potatos and bananas which are all organic. Yummy

4. Plum Organics

This organic brand proclaims, “Growing up organic!,” as a way to urge parents to buy the good stuff. Their signature pouch twist caps and attachable dispensing spoons are ideal for busy parents on the go and their packaging is all BPA free.This brand is certified organic and disdains the use of high fructose corn syrup and other unnecessary chemicals in their food line. Plum Organics use of all natural ingredients and slow cooking techniques create savory dishes that exemplify luxury baby foods. These are Plum delicious!

In honor of Spread the Health and my devotion to Earth friendly fare for babies, From Saks to Salvation will be giving away an organic prize package!

Just find us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us why you think that you and your baby are most deserving of this luxe organic baby food prize package. The lucky winner will be the recipient of coupons, foods and goodies from major organic baby food lines. Good luck!

Submission deadline is August 11, 2011. Rules & products are subject to change. For questions or comments regarding the Spread the Health Giveaway, please email us @ fromsakstosalvation@gmail.com