The Privilege of a Preview: Harry Winston

This week I was given exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the latest Harry Winston collection. My eyes were sparkling just about as much as the diamonds that graced the fabulous new designs. The collection included classic engagement rings, one gorgeously bejeweled
hairpiece, the coveted Lily Clusters designs, and timepieces from their luxurious Midnight Collection.

From the company that gifted the 45.52 ct. Hope Diamond (R.) (once owned by my beloved Elizabeth Taylor) to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum decades ago, Harry Winston continues to define class and elegance today catering to the needs of sultans, sirens, and stars the world over.

This is what I love about Harry Winston. They are serious about diamonds and have equipped their website with a clearly readable & better yet, understandable explanation of How to Choose a Ring. One of their founding principals was to educate people about the gems that they are buying because this was just important as the sale. How rare...an honest salesman. This business practice of informing the consumer has paid off. The brand opened it’s first doors to their New York city store in 1932 with unsurpassed quality diamonds and platinum settings that make diamonds appear as though they are floating. Only artistic geniuses can achieve this effect and Harry Winston has obviously cornered the market by only employing the top jewelers to create their unique, luxurious designs.

You can always shop online or make your appointment at Harry Winston today to enjoy the dedicated services of a personal jewelry expert. Bring all forms or payment as these pieces are truly one of a kind investments that will keep you happy for a lifetime. Go on...Live the Moment because it all starts with the diamonds.