What I am Seeing Around Town: Two Days of TOMS

So I did a little social experiment. I tweeted, posted on Facebook, sent out a mass text, and scoured the streets in order to see how many of you are wearing the EcoLuxurious TOMS Shoes. Now if you’ve never heard of them let me give you an idea of these shoes’ market impact. In a matter of two days, my friends, family, acquaintances, and perfect strangers contacted me with what was to total over 5 dozen pair. (One particularly fashionable gentlemen is said to own 4 pair alone) That is pretty amazing considering if I were to pose the question, “How many of you own a pair of Bass loafers?” I may not get the same reaction. See what I am saying, here?

TOMS Shoes for both men and women have saturated the market and here’s the kicker: For every pair that you purchase, another one is purchased for a child in countries all over the globe includingChina South Africa, Rwanda,
United States, andArgentina. In doing my social experiment one of the first responses was from a beautiful Mama who had purchased some Tiny TOMS for her daughter. She simply stated, “I love there One for One campaign!” As of September 2010, over one million pair had been sent to children in need. While we here in America buy Luboutins for $700 or more per fabulous pair, TOMS Shoes start at a mere $48. For a simply designed shoe that seems so crazy versatile (wearers claim they not only wear them everyday but also hiking, climbing and to the Metropolitan Museum) that price point works for me.
Now let’s talk style. The TOMS Shoes design is based on the ages old Argentine alparagata, or commonly known espadrille. Old world meets style is where TOMS Shoes has me. They are characterized by a canvas upper and sewn onto a rope sole creating simple and complete comfort. My responses raved of the shoes comfort & amazing versatility of designs as respondents confessed to owning shiny silver, natural canvas, wedges and even the botas. The brand also boasts vegan,
eyewear, youth apparel and even new wedding styles.

Simple, luxurious, style is all that I am seeking in this world of fashion and TOMS Shoes has created that without leaving out any gender, age, and social status. I love this.

TOMS Shoes fit my Eco Luxury category because from they are not in everyone’s price point but considering that another pair is purchased because of you, I daresay that you cannot put a price on that. What we also cannot put a price tag on is the social impact that these shoes have. When you buy a pair know that your purchase is protecting feet from infections and diseases that can enter through cuts and scrapes. School uniforms often times require shoes and attendance is not allowed without them.
Founder (pic left) Blake Mycoskie, a Texas native (woohoo!) sought to make a HUGE social impact by recognizing a need and acting directly upon in by creating TOMS Shoes and Friends of TOMS, the non-profit subsidiary that supports the One for One shoe campaign. Their first ever Giving Report chronicles and documents the charitable work TOMS Shoes has done over the years. Their website is full of interactive ways to further your purchase by sending pics to participating in their One Day Without Shoes campaign, where awareness activities take place all over the country. They use their website not only as a marketing tool but as a way to reach out to their consumer and inform them of the ways they can further the reach of their shoes. Each purchased pair comes with a TOMS Shoes flag so hang it high as you are now aware of the good it represents.
TOMS keeps up with their One for One campaign on their blog. Love this, too. It keeps up to date posts on all things TOMS and their uncompromising support of sharing their shoes with the world. Their blog is full of candid photos and captions that maintain the brands Eco Luxury image and spread the word of their worldwide efforts. For more reading pleasure coming this September will be the new book by founder Blake Mycoskie entitled, Start Something That Matter.

Many thanks to all of you who participated and gave feedback about your shoes. Especially to you perfect strangers who let me snap pics of their feet on the street. Keeping your feet ensconced in EcoLuxury is proof positive that, “...we are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams...”

A very special thanks to D.T.M for participating and also for spreading your Eco-Consciousness and fashion awareness to the oh very young.