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Take a Second to Shop Smart

Cole Haan, Armani, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and DKNY. These are just a few of the brands that I have found over the years while shopping at second hand stores. I write this blog in order to inform you of the deals that abound at every store from Saks Fifth Avenue to The Salvation Army. I am also here to tell you that shopping for luxury brands at second hands stores these days should be first on your list. I hate to say it but the rise of foreclosures and downsizing are flooding second chance retail stores with luxury brands for the snatching. In lieu of school beginning and the rush to the shops for fresh fall attire befitting of a new year, I urge you to think outside the box and shop second hand. Are the youth of today too good to be shopping the leftovers of society? I know that I wasn’t. I had credit card access before the time it was appropriate yet I shopped at my local second hand shops more often than not. It has long been common practice in communities to share and barter goods. Clothes were no exception. Not only was it cool and rebellious when I was younger, I also learned where to find myself some of the most amazing deals on the planet. I wasn’t too good then and I am not now. There are shops all over like the Goodwill, Salvation Army, Nancy’s Next to New, Too Good to Be Threw, Second Serving and the catchy title list of names goes on and on.

I’ll keep it short and simple today in order to stress the importance of this issue. Here are a few reasons and tips on why shopping at second hand stores is second to none.
1. Shopping at your local thrift store saves both money & gas. Basically the prices cannot be beat and I love the Earth. What else is there to say?
2. There are tons of designer duds! Remember the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Well this is the absolute truth and you can find most any designer at the second hands stores. There may be some out of date pieces but quality is eternal as is style. There are the blessed few that possess a keen sense of style and despite what financial fate is thrown their way, style is never sacrificed. So seek out the best of the best in designers and look for them amongst the exhaustive racks.
3. Keep your standards high. Never forget my rules for shopping at resale locations. As with all things in life, never lose focus and always seek the best for you and the family, especially when shopping. Secondhand stores give you the privilege of being choosy so choose wisely.
4. Buy only what you need. Leave the rest of it for other shoppers. Just because those DKNY Jeans are $10 doesn’t mean you need to buy them in a size that doesn’t fit. There will be another deal around the corner so shop for the necessities now.
5. Buying secondhand is leaving a legacy for our children. There is so much that is mass produced in other countries for our country alone. As we try to stay on top of the latest trends and styles with our personal attempts to beat out the Joneses with our flashy cars and mini-mansions, third world countries are crippling in poverty and debt without enough food. clothes or necessities for the next generation. Buying what is already out there is smart and shows profound social awareness. Our children will see this and mimmick us which will in turn cut down on the demand for new goods. See, once again, shopping can make a huge social impact!
Please shop smart and consider secondhand for your next shopping trip. We are in the season of Back to School shopping and it’s really only fair to give the underdog a chance. Whether it be a used clothing sale for uniforms, a luxury consignment shop or a local children’s resale, you are sure to find an amazing deal. You will be amazed at the finds in these shops and be sure to let us know of your most amazing. Want to know mine? A simple striped oxford from Brooks Brothers. I love this shirt and wear it all of the time. To buy this essential piece new would cost about $100 and I purchased it for $7. So top that!