All We Need Is Love

There are a few sites that I go to on a regular basis that serve different purposes. Sometimes I need gossip, scandal, world news, foreign intrigue and even the weather. The shopping sites I visit abound but I go to specific ones for men, women and children. However varying, they are all there when I need them as my needs and interest change from day to day.

There is one site in particular, however, that serves me many a purpose. It is Teresa Giudice’s blog Fabulicious. She is best known for being a New Jersey cast member of the uber successful Real Housewives franchise which I watch and re-watch whenever possible. In Teresa’s own blog, she candidly shares her very real life with Housewives devotees as well as offering high-end shop ads like Zulily and Gilt Group. In addition to being a busy bestselling writer, cook, and Mom-treprenuer, she is the keeper of her own Fabulicious Shop which offers a select collection of children’s clothes, women’s t-shirts and hats perfect for everyday wear.

Teresa is a Jersey Girl and her Fabulicious boutique designs vividly exemplify her proud roots & bold personality. It is common knowledge that styles differ from friend to friend, state to state, and country to country with none being better than the other. With this in mind, we can find influence and inspiration from the various styles around us which broadens our perspective creating a fashion without borders mentality. I love it.

So speaking of love, look at this fabulous t-shirt I just purchased from Teresa’s online shop. Made of cotton with a cap-sleeved design, how simple and stylish is this? At only $19.99 I can already think of a million places that I am going to wear it because the easy design and ultra long fit make it a versatile little piece. My husband is going to love this piece as well because it is made for a woman and her beautiful curves-very sexy.

Confession: I actually purchased 2 t-shirts. One in white and one in black. Hey, one will be dirty and the other clean so that is how I am justifying the double purchase in my head, ok? I could also give it away as a super luxe gift this holiday season but I love, love, love it for myself!

Happy Shopping!