Design Mixed With a Thread for Hope

Tonight, I attended the Threads for Hope Runway Show benefiting the San Antonio Aids Foundation. The event featured mostly red designs from some of my favorite people in the design world: students. The student designer is the Marc Jacobs who learned to perfect technique at Parsons or the Carolina Herrera who studied under the tutelage of Emilio Pucci. They all began somewhere and that is where we began tonight.
Above Photo: Very stylish feet pictured here are of the host Michael Quintanilla and hostess Cassandra Lazenby. Red was everywhere!
The students of The International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT) presented their designs at San Antonio’s luxurious Hotel Contessa situated along the tranquil banks of the San Antonio River in South Texas. Hotel Contessa was recently featured in the November issue of Conde Nast Taveler’s as one of the Best Hotels in the World ranked on par with the famed New York City hotel The Plaza.

People always ask why philanthropist and foundations filter the money through events like this and why not just give it directly to the people in need? My only answer is that the combination of amazing art with a generous charity creates an environment of giving that is unmatched and I have seen it many times over. The mood is set with an appreciation of art from all attendees whose very nature is characteristically knowledgeable about the benefits of charity on many levels.

The generous crowd tonight was highly energized and packed in so tightly that there was barely standing room left for donors and style Insiders to gaze upon the seasonally red designs. The color of the night was definitely played up, as well constructed designs varied from punk rocker to school Marm. Ruffles, lace, platform heels and free-flowing designs strutted down the runway to the pulsating beats of a live DJ TONE. Great touch.
The big hair and sparkling accessories were also a great touch to pair with the new designers creations which expressed
not only their individual styles but a true feel for the festive season.

This was the 3rd Annual event presented by the Stitch Fashion Club from IADT and in honor of the AIDS Awareness Week, they partnered with SAAF to bring awareness to their commitment of providing medical care to HIV/AIDS patients and education and testing to help prevent the spread of HIV. It is so important to remember those who can benefit from even
small donations especially this time of year when health and happiness is so important to fully enjoying the holidays. Giving back, in whatever way you see fit: with a check, spending time, baking some treats, or making a call is good for you and those around you no matter how your show your love. Let your children know how important it is to think of others and not just completely fall blind into the shopping spirit of the season. Though it is fun and fulfilling so is giving back. Tonight we did it and had a blast.