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This Is A Pillow Post

Yes. A post about pillows. Why the full-on devotion to a mundane home decoration? I'll tell you why. I've recently met a handful of avid shoppers who confess that they have a bit of an obsession with pillow shopping. So many to choose from they all say. But pillows, really? What an interesting little love affair. Could be worse...I supposed. How very judgy wudgy of me, right? Yes. Well, as life would have it, I was very surprisingly made aware that a certain someone was "getting lost in all of the pillows at night," and this individual "could no longer take it" and then said individual proclaimed "no more bed pillows should be purchased!". I won't divulge my own number of pillows but will instead turn my very stylish little habit into a positive display of some of the best from my collection that have been with me through the years. Enjoy.
Group different textures, tones & embellishments
Neutral tones up close
Luxurious felt flaps create the botanical elements in this bold design

 It never ceases to amaze me how diversely designed these mostly square beings can be. What designs do you have in your collection? Any favorites? Could a bed or lounge in your house use a facelift? If so... Shopping for pillows is a brilliant way to shop smart because:
  • You can find pillows & cases in an amazing range of colors, textures, sizes, and styles that suit any room. 
  • With the quick addition of pillows into decor, you are freshening up the look without spending tons of money. 
  • Keep them clean & they'll last for years. That is what those zippers are for. 
  • Tired of a room's feel? Shop for unique pillowcases that are template matching and eye catching. Don't be afraid to switch it up in life and decoration.

Embroidered seat bolsters provide extra family seating especially for game play

Embroidery detail.