Finally, A Bit Of Versatility

UPDATE: Sadly, Revolution Apparel no longer exists but the sustainability movement does. Check out for owner and  minimalist mover/shaker Shannon Whitehead in the Netflix documentary entitled Minimalism

I have arrived back in the States after travelling over 24 hours on a plane which consisted of 4 layovers and an unpleasant overbooking situation which forced me to hand over my tightly packed single piece of luggage on the final leg of my journey. I reluctantly gave in but was very happy to find my tiny black bag waiting for me on the other end which renewed my confidence in the airlines. Add another layer of homecoming goodness: my brand new Versalette waiting for me. I introduced you guys to {r}evolution apparel and their signature piece seen below in 2011. The piece is so eco-luxurious with it's ability to be worn 15 different ways and will not add a significant bit of space difference in my carry-on bag for my return flight. I consider myself a part of the revolution because I now own my very own in gray. This piece was made for smart female traveler who always has minimalism on their mind.
Now the sad news...Almost a year after my original post, the company has decided to move on from creating the fashion brand. They continue to focus on projects that are sustainable. Co-owner Shannon Whitehead has launched shannonwhitehead.com, a sustainable fashion consulting firm that works with designers and companies. Her partner Kristin has branched off with plans to open Seamly.co, an online storefront that will offer chic and fabulous "deadstock" apparel to smart shoppers. My secret wish is for them to bring the Versalette back to business if only for a limited time so that you can all see how cool it is. 

Sustainability, Fashion, Minimalism
I also received this {r} tee with my purchase and luckily, these are still available for $20. 

Made in the USA (N. Carolina) of 100% recycled fabric and is PVC & phthalate free.