The Best Guest at The Grammy's 2014 Was...Pharrell's Hat

The Grammy's are over and whether you watched it or not, you have heard of The Hat that was a guest of Pharrell's head. We have seen all of the comparisons to Smokey the Bear, the Arby's logo or perhaps the hat hails from Gryffindor but we think that Pharrell Williams' hat was hot. If he were rocking an equally tiny hat it would be sought after. He is just that cool.

It even spawned its own twitter account @PharrellHat. 

We love hats especially Pharrell's hat which is a vintage Vivienne Westwood piece from her Buffalo Collection circa 1982-1983. Music Producer of the Year (perhaps it should be of the decade) Williams also wore a red leather Adidas bomber which is honestly one of the coolest jackets we have seen in a while. His self-expression through style is unmatched, uninhibited and enviable. Some of you may disagree but that hat has everyone talking.

He is not alone in his mad millinery style. Big hats are in and here is some more proof of how they can make a huge statement whilst atop a head.

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