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Spotting Louboutin

Oh there they are. Those iconic and patented red bottoms. I spotted them out & about as summer wraps up here in the southern hemisphere. They are gorgeous Christian Louboutin platform sandals purchased in New York at Bergdorf Goodman. She admittedly snatched up... well not quite a dozen but definitely a substantial addition to the shoe closet.
Louboutin had reinvented the high heel and taken the stiletto heel to new heights with some designs reaching nearly 5 inches. Process are nearly as high and a quick search on resulted in 80 pair ranging in price from $750-$4000. These gorgeous shoes have become synonymous with luxury style and considering the French designer grew up with 3 sisters it's no surprise he's on the mark with fashionable footwear.
A former high school drop out, Louboutin now boasts homes in Lisbon, Luxor, Aleppo, a castle in Vendee and a houseboat on the Nile, shoes have definitely paid off.
I own many shoes but don't own a pair of Liuboutin's so I'm enjoying taking a gander at these. You enjoy them, too here or perhaps with purchasing your own pair.