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Do You Know Benji?: Meet The Jeanius of Denim at Encompass

A Jeanius at work: THIS is Benji.
It is not everyday that you come across a shop like this. Encompass is the fresh new little luxury shop with world class customer service that is unmatched at most shopping destinations. As a citizen of the world I am always seeking out the best shopping experiences to share with you. When I first arrived in Christchurch, being the jeans addict that I am, jeans were the first thing that I wanted to add to my new wardrobe. The constant reply of Cantabrians was, "Do you know Benji?". I was dubious. Who was this elusive Benji? A single name synonymous with my coveted denim? Impossible I thought. Off to meet Martin "Benji" Benjamin I went where he perfectly sized me and my husband, whom he had never met, within about fifteen minutes. The jeans were big winners and fit like gloves. A personal note: With legs from here to heaven I am one of the most difficult people to fit. I know many readers who tell me about their gut wrenching jeans shopping experiences as well, many of which end in tears. Well, cry no more. Benji has been our go to guy ever since having hooked us up with quite a few pairs of jeans and duds over the past two years. He has yet to meet my better half but this is not an issue for someone so in tuned to clothing as he is. He's seriously like magic and his stylings make all of us look and feel better. It's shopping with a big shot of self-confidence. 
Head straight to Encompass to get the full experience. Since our first meeting, Benji has expanded his offerings by branching out into his own luxury shop stocked with a varying array of dresses, shorts, t-shirts, dress shirts, accessories and knitwear for both ladies and gents. He has a way of knowing and fitting his brands as if this is what he was meant to do. Offering big name brands like LTB, Pepe Jeans London, WESC, Nudie Jeans. Co., Grand Scheme....the list seriously goes on and on. He also stocks Nikki Ross Jewellery which is sterling silver and gorgeous. Benji has an eye for the good stuff and offers it to his customers with full confidence.
Are you aware of how I feel about customer service and it's vitalness to the shopping experience? Benji's in a league of his own not only with his uncanny knack for fitting varying body types, but he treats every shopper like his favorite customer. It's serious shopping and he is not afraid to mention when something doesn't work. No bother. He will find what works. I love the candid nature of a good shopkeeper and their ability to sort you out completely. Remember my rushed trip to Chanel

Check out the shop in Christchurch at The Tannery. If you are out of the country too bad for you! If you are in the area or of the jetsetter status, it is worth stopping by. It could be the one time you find that really good pair of jeans.

We spent the afternoon with Benji in the shop while we snapped and chatted. Scroll through the gallery and get inspired by a real Jeanius at work.

The other half: the clean in-store layout divides jeans from tops allowing patrons to #shopsmart and create ensembles without clutter.


The massive jean wall is just a portion of what is in stock. Yes that's 7 luxky rows of jeans.
What's on trend? Drop-crotch for both boys and girls.
Fine leather accessories are a great addition to any wardrobe.
Jean stack.
Nikki Ross accessories are a good match for Encompass' forward thinking customers.
Very tidy rows and rows make selecting the perfect pair a simple task. 
Busy Benji at work. He and wife Becky run the boutique shop as a couple in addition to having two children. "It's not always easy but we are a team. Couldn't do it without her." says Benji of working as a couple. 
Hat trick: Saw two of these by Grand Scheme sell like magic while I was in-store.
Bestsellers: Nudie Jeans Co. organic cotton jeans are a design right up our alley.
One of the folding tables fashioned from reclaimed ancient New Zealand wood. #EcoLuxury decor adorns the entire shop. It's amazing and ideal for getting the perfect crease. I do think this is a story within itself...

Visit the shop & tell them we sent you:
M-S 10-5
26 Tannery Row, Christchurch, NZ
Ph. +64 03 381 4065

See more photos on Facebook from our afternoon at Encompass.

Check out for their own Jeanius series. This is my ultimate online site for jean inspiration! 

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