Moving The Duchess To Icon Status

I am going to make the ambitious stance of moving The Duchess right on up to icon status. She is the modern day princess who is now, again, with child. Choosing a life where you are destined to be queen I'm sure has plenty of pros and cons. 24-hour staff is most assuredly a pro. Royalty. How far removed are we from that world? I attended my share: Cotillion, galas and balls. Dined in the company of financial moguls. Traveled to European castles. None of this gets you close to the Royal Family of England. However, location does. Duchess Kate visited when I was only about 10 minutes from her in town which is where I snapped this shot.
Royalty became reality for about thirty minutes as the children and I played audience to her family's visit. Her slender frame outfitted in *red and her friendly greetings were all to be expected. Her hair was as close to perfection as you can get which was the same as her sweet face. Admittedly, I was a bit starstruck. She is a living legend but very real all the same.

*Princess Kate is so real in fact that she has re-worn this Luisa Spagnoli suit several times. Just like the rest of us...right. Truly, it was impeccable close-up. I am sure it was an investment for The Crown but it fits like a glove.

Smart shopping, Royals.