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Lynn Woods Fashion Show 2016

Last week, we attended the Lynn Woods Fashion Show. This event has become a fashion staple in the city as Lynn Woods is a fashion icon. I purchased some of my first ever pieces in Christchurch from the Victoria St. boutique that is known for it's top quality designers and highly skilled staff that assist with styling and outfit selection no matter the customer or occasion. It was a short but sweet affair held at Matisse featuring models from top NZ agency Portfolio Models that properly displayed all of the hot trends for the upcoming seasons. Why was this show so great? The stylings were bang on with the clientele. Lynn Woods and her team catered to different age groups, price ranges and body shapes/sizes. It is rare for a boutique show to hit all the marks but they did. Well done, ladies.

Hats, muted tones, furs, floral and jeans were on the fashion menu. 
(BTW black is definitely back) 

I love these shows because you can shop straight from the runway and capture the style for yourself in-store by shopping locally.

Here are a few shots from the show. Enjoy. Xx