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Hello, Hackthorne.

Every once in a while, I'm a Lady Who Lunches. This means I've got the midday opportunity to eat with friends. Am I one of the lucky ones? No. I'm just one of the smart ones who has enough sense to take a break sometimes. Lately it's been more like a working lady who lunches as it was this day at Hackthorne Gardens. Set atop the beautiful Christchurch landscape, this fully refurbished mansion serves as an overnight destination for those wanting the upscale experience in a very private setting while visiting The Garden City. Hackthorne Gardens has staycation written all over it for the locals. If I were really lucky I would have stayed overnight in one of their boutique suites photographing the gardens by day and dining downstairs on authentic Chinese cuisine or local fare at night. A lunching lady can dream, right?  

I was invited to photograph Hackthorne by a photog friend who rarely disappoints in her presentations and this was no exception. We tasted from the degustation menu presented by Executive Chef Callum Farrell (normally served from 6 pm). The food was delicious defined. We viewed the art deco rooms and tested the elevator. On that note, let me just say that I'll be sticking to the grand staircase with adorning chandelier pictured above. Hello, gorgeous. 

I photographed all of Hackthorne and then had to dash back to real life reality. Despite the lunching, at the end of every day, I'm a mother. It's otherworldly experiences like the above that make me a good one.

Enjoy the gallery below.