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China White: The {Enlightening} Tea of Today

In the busy lives of working mothers, there are few shared & memorable moments that we are able to continuously return to on a daily basis for a bit of zen. The most universally shared memorable moment would be the cup of tea.
Over 2 billion people will drink tea every morning. The whole ritual of preparation is a sensory massage that has the ability to focus even the busiest of people. Preparing hot water, arranging dried leaves and that fulfilling pouring sound. Tea is more consumed than coffee and the varieties of tea leaves are in the thousands. I have traveled and tried my share. In search of healing remedies I trekked and traversed only to stare at my fellow travelers in agreed dubious degrees. A truly quick fix or healing potion I have yet to find. However, it was in a shared midnight moment that China White enlightened us. Lao Tzu said, "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment." I am pretty sure that this stuff is magical as a sense of self awareness draped over me as I sipped my sample of the Ginger White Blend. It was so smooth, delicious and healing that it is now the chosen nightly elixir for healing and harmony. Try them all. The Tea Blossoms are gorgeous both before and after use and I keep plenty of the Organic White in the cupboard. Just add hot water and this eco-luxury range is a go.

Tea Talk: Why White?
  • It is said to have 5X more antioxidants than green tea
  • It is the least processed of all tea as it is only harvested once or twice a year
  • It contains less caffeine than other teas.