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A Commentary: Five Reasons Why Meghan Markle Is Our Girl Crush

Here at Saks to Salvation, we have a major crush on Meghan Markle. Collectively referred to as "our girlfriend" we're always keeping an eye on the news to see what our favourite media darling is up to. Here's five reasons we #loveMM.

1. Meghan is making waves and proving you can do it all. An African-American actress turned Royal Wife. Talk about life transition. She is proving that it is never too late to start over. 

2. Her diverse ethnicity. Our Saks to Salvation office includes staff with Irish, African-American, Spanish, Maori, Chinese, Welsh, Native American decent just to name a few. The world needs a cultural awakening and Meghan has already taken the first step. Did you hear Rev. Michael Curry at the wedding? A bit of insight into her world as she sat amongst his and the tie that binds is LOVE. We love love. 

3. Her love of philanthropy. Let's be real, this woman has seemingly been a feminist since day one, and now she's going to be able to leverage her increased fame to draw attention to worthy humanitarian causes (our favourites being female empowerment and sustainable generosity). What a dream.

4. She's one of us. Us being women writers. Meghan used to publish her thoughts and have conversations with other influential women on a magazine-like blog called The Tig. Unfortunately for us, the site has now been closed down, although Mrs. M. does leave us with a sweet farewell: "Above all, don't forget your worth".

5. Her clean and simple fashion sense. Now obviously refined to more "royal" standards, we love seeing Meghan in her signature neutral tones and somehow she even makes pantyhose look less than hideous. Favouring Givenchy, Carolina Herrera and Stella McCartney, Meghan carries off almost anything with delicious grace and style. Speaking of style, she has ushered in the pale pink polish trend. Less is definitely more with Meghan.

So there it is. Our secret is out. We love Meghan Markle and all that she represents. Also, we are on baby watch so yes, call us obsessed. She's fabulous and the world is loving every minute we have with Meghan.