FOOD: Sometimes you have to let kids go nuts with donuts

Most mornings with my large family, I look to conserve time and money in the breakfast department. An oatmeal bar offers healthy variety at minimal cost. To define oatmeal bar it's a hot oatmeal breakfast served up with your choice of berries, dried fruit, yogurt, butter, seeds, etc... Kids grab a bowl and individually adorn it with their favorites toppings. It's really become a ruling mommy morning moment over the years which is fabulous and fit but sometimes kids need a break from a boring breakfast. Let them go nuts with donuts every once in a while. In today's hectic life of after school activities, morning madness and busy parents, kids need a chance to just be kids so let them eat cake {donuts}.
Yes, one donut boasts about 300 calories but see how good they look. You know you want one so today, we go nuts and tomorrow it'll be back to the basics.