It is the dead of winter down under and while stocking up the cold closet I realized a good piece of fitted fur may help fight the dropping temps and my chilly mood.
How gorgeous is this ensemble? I used this as my style inspiration while shopping around for the best fur for me. Versatile and work-friendly were my main parameters. The colors in this vest are one of a kind with multi-color hues popping out. Paired with leather and jeans- we love! The girls at DèVal know how to surely style inspire.
Terms like pelage, down hairs, pelts, furbearer all came into play as I've researched fur. So have negative connotations with wearing the luxurious items but the truth is fur, for both fashion and function, has been used for centuries. My Native American ancestors did and so did civilizations all over the world. Who are we to argue with something so truly time-tested?
Go faux if you prefer but no matter what you choose, make sure you choose a fur that makes you feel fabulous.
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