A good food flow is essential to the running of a busy family. Cooking and cleaning up are shared responsibilities in our house because everyone here loves to eat. There is a lot that goes into preparing a meal for a family with five children and everyone's  involvement is expectedly welcomed. 

Mama sometimes needs a day away so in order to help things run smoothly in my absence, I prepped the kitchen for the afternoon food rush. Grab and go for daddy-o. Seen here are two grande salads plus caramelized onions to go atop the double sized pizza dough that I left to rise (unseen). I like to maintain just a bit of control regarding the diet because dad doesn't have to mess with the mess alone plus it gives me less worry when I'm away. I've done my bit of work before I head away and I'm lucky to be surrounded by mostly males who adhere to the theory of, if you prep it, we will eat it. It makes me feel quite appreciated most days.  

Note: I returned home to a tidy kitchen and full bellies. *smile*