As a stylist, I am often asked what do I do to make a party successful. From corporate clientele, to over the top children's parties and weeklong weddings, we've helped plan it all. Admittedly, I've even thrown one of my own five children an elaborate affair...or five. No matter the occasion what I've got for you will help create lifelong memories for you and your loved ones. Here are my top tips in no meaningful order but apply these and successfully party on.

As with most things, I go to the garden. For a recent event we used our baby grape leaves freshly picked and then dried a bit before plating and used them on over ten cheese boards for hor d'oeuvres. They are gorgeous when fanned and be bountiful in your decor as the theme should flow all around.

Don't be afraid to modify your space. Purchasing extra seating, borrowing art and investing in dinnerware can seem superfluous for just a party but choose wisely and they can become permanent pieces. For another recent styling I worked with our landscape architect to create a lavender field with these pots scene here.  We did a beautiful transformation in a family's existing garden and they will cherish the aromatic smell for years to come.

Lastly, decorate using fresh flowers. I cannot stress this eco- friendly tip enough. Fresh flowers are grown the world over at prices for any budget. They can transform a room in seconds or decorate my always-party-present white cake seen here. Buy locally and use a bunch in varying shaped vases to impress your guests.