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INSTAPOST: Quickly off to the races

Here is a quick fashion post glimpse given to you in the very way that I had to prepare for the event. Quickly. It was a bit of an emergency as it was a full mommy day plus a photoshoot and then a client request to come enjoy the races. It was good fun and the organizers were pleased with our photo spread so we were happy to be a part of it all.
It is the behind the scenes last minute preparations that go into these events. From what we saw the gorgeous women around us had spent many hours preparing and the flawless results showed. I was on much tighter time constraints so off to the expert I went. Lynn Woods is synonymous with luxury fashion in New Zealand and this is where I was draped with stylistic love and Trelise Cooper. This brand has been a go to for me since arriving in NZ because it fits me to perfection. The team at Lynn Woods has been styling me for years as I curate a southern hemisphere wardrobe so go with what you know in a fashion emergency. No hat- big ruffle and matching lipstick. My work shoes were gussied up in the boutique for which I'm forever grateful where I also finished my makeup and off to the races I went.

Lovely time had photographing the energy of it all and 90 minutes later it was back to the children with a photoshoot booked at dusk. A day in the life.

I love that dress so much it's now family photo worthy for the  upcoming jolly season.