BEAUTY: Good Morning, Face!

There are a lot of products that come across my virtual desk from nations and notions far and wide. I very much adhere to my eco-luxury ethos when selecting products especially for my skin. In between spa visits a bit of maintenance is needed especially for this festive face. I received a little pre-Christmas treat: The Original Coffee Scrub from Scrub Co., an all-natural company based out of Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Made from 100% NZ fairtrade organic coffee beans, The Original scrub exfoliates, stimulates blood flow and left my face feeling totally refreshed. Likes it's had a shot of coffee itself. Central nervous and integumentary  systems go! The Original Coffee scrub is also known to be naturally good for cellulite and stretch marks. I was grateful for the wee freebies and the directions on the back made it easy to rejuvenate the skin I'm in. Gotta love it. Thank you and thank you.

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