FAMILY: Bring Back the Boards

I'll try not to rant. But actually I can't not rant. Electronic devices have taken over the world. There. I said it. I harken this message to you from one of the very mean little machines I'm talking to you about. You see? It's a real addiction. Do I say give them up? That's a negative but cut back a bit? Yes. I'll go more in depth on that topic later.
For now, I look back on days gone by. Local markets. Wooden toys. Walking everywhere.
Board games (see below). Captured here is a fun and tangible time that children have seemingly forgotten to enjoy. Head's down deep in devices you miss that mad money Monopoly can make you. No the money isn't real but neither are your virtual friends. At least you know the people you're trading properties with. They're potentially a family member so embrace this space. Bring back the board games. They're actually awesome.
Suggestions from the 5: UNO, Scrabble, Bananagrams, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary