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BEAUTY: A Beautiful Night at Nicola Quinn Spa

Whenever the spa is involved, I feel like a very important person. Taking a bit of time out to indulge in the self is exactly what the mind, body and spirit need to feel important. On this night in particular, Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa invited their Very Important People to ascend their stunning stairway seen below and indulge in wellness with luxurious spa offerings. We were greeted with bubbles, deluxe platters, mini treatments and world-class customer service which created the most relaxing atmosphere for all the lucky attendees. It was beautiful. The staff were knowledgeable, efficient and friendly, with the owner Nicola Quinn herself available to answer questions about her own beauty line GINGER & me whose Quinoa Lift & Hydrate Eye Creme has been added as a new favorite to my beauty bag.
I also was newly introduced to the eco-luxury American brand Suntegrity. The Vegan and Organic range has products that boasts some serious skin protection elements using all natural ingredients. Made with a true awareness of the harmful effects that the sun can have on the skin and with cancer prevention in mind, this is a top choice for the conscious shopper. I'm a sunscreen devotee so I chose VANISH, the organic cleansing oil that easily removes dirt, oil and sunscreen with ease.
I'm grateful for spa nights like these, the detailed product knowledge I receive and beauty tips from the experts. All together they help me feel like I'm truly smart shopping for my best beauty and wellness. #shopsmart