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Good morning!

It's a beautifully rainy day in the Pacific Northwest. But as I have learned after nearly a decade of living here, that is absolutely no reason at all not to go shopping. If we let a little thing like rain keep us from going out, we'd be shut in about 60% of the year. It's cleansing, refreshing and it happens to stimulate pretty good cardio considering how fast you'll need to duck in and out of the stores in the sometimes pouring rain.
Nevertheless, I shop on.
Weekly I look for bargains at the consignment, antique, and thrift stores that abound the greater Seattle area and their bounty never ceases to amaze me. As a mother and member of a four person (and counting...) family, I've looked beyond shopping at just the traditional stores to find all the correct pieces to complete our wardrobes. I continue to shop at places like Saks Fifth Avenue with their arguably unmatched quality and quick shipping, but less frequently than places like the Salvation Army, where I can get way more bang for my buck. There is no need to limit myself with all that has already been manufactured and is waiting for us to re-purchase at bargain basement prices.

So today, I'll keep it simple and give you a few tips on exactly what to look for when venturing out to any resale location:

1. Shop locally and frequently. Save on those awful carbon emissions and stay within about 15 miles of your house, especially since you need to do this on a weekly basis to find the best deals.

2. Never sacrifice on garment quality. Shopping quality brand names is the name of the game with resale especially when you can get a gently used blouse that originally cost $80 for $4 ($2 on half off days). Pay attention to construction- no faux, frays, or fading are three simple rules to shop by.

3. Stay focused on what you NEED. Because resale stores are so full of great deals, it can be overwhelming when you first begin. Make a list of which members of the household you are shopping for and exactly the sizes, colors, and items that they each need. This makes it easy when searching through rows and rows of clothing that quite literally can change while you are shopping.

Until next time, keep shopping and searching out those bargains. Finding a great deal on a pair of sling back Manolos can be as therapeutic as a day at the spa!