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"Nice Threads, Girl!"

I came across these gorgeous threaded bangles while boutique shopping the other day. My latest find is FACTOR located amongst a string of other similar shops, this one stands out with its eco-luxury items that are superbly on trend. These are just thread bangles. Nothing flash. What caught my eye was not only the silky sheen that pulled at my stylish heart strings but their chic simplicity. It truly is just a threaded bracelet but looks really good. The conversation with FACTOR owner of over 9 years, Belinda went like this:
ME (amazed): "These are made from threads, yeah?"
Further convo lead me to find out that they are sourced locally but handmade in India. That are also selling really quickly as costumers either go for one single come or mix them all up. Different hues of green, gold and tan along with deep red allow for maximum versatility when styling. Or not. Throwing them on with whatever from jeans to dresses and these thread bangles will surely make a statement.
Want to get crafty and make your own? Check out this video!