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Week of Thanks: Chanel is Number 1

There is one week until Thanksgiving and having been inspired by a friend, I am going to share with you what I am most thankful for in my shopping life as we count down to the ultimate day of thanks next week. My family has always thought that Thanksgiving should be celebrated everyday so this is my way of saying thanks this week.

The first thanks is long overdue and it goes to the most iconic of all icons of fashion. The House of
Chanel. Last month, I found myself, as I often do, in a shopping quandary. I had run out of basically every item in my makeup arsenal and was long overdue for an update. I am a mother first and that is basically it most of the time. Things like makeup, clothes and hygiene have a tendency to slip through the cracks and not only do we suffer, but those who have to bear witness to our insane last minute get ups and sleep deprived faces in the full undone glory.

So I stumbled upon Nordstrom’s flagship store in downtown Seattle looking a hot mess and in desperate need of revitalization. I wandered down the ailes and aisles and aisles of makeup counters until, I quite literally stumbled into Chanel country. I did actually stumble as I was trying to rush a conversation with my husband who had just given me a 15 minute window due to a looming event we had to attend that night.

In walked Mr. Darryl McKinnon, Chanel’s Education Executive of Fragrance and Beaute, who just so happened to be visiting the store to provide expert advice to both customers and Chanel staff. Wasn’t this my lucky day? He was my ray of hope that dismal day and started me off with Perfection Lumiere in several different tones (the line includes 20 colors) as he sampled them on my face until he got the perfect one. He seriously was not going to be happy until he found the correct one for my complexion and exclaimed, “I think we have it!” when we found my match. He asked me if I were happy and I was.
Levres Scintillantes Glossimer No. 64 in Sunset Gold for a bit of lip shine. It’s gorgeous and I wear it all of the time. It has that ability to take you wherever you need to go and since it is offered in over 30 colors, you are bound to find yourself a favorite.

Thank you to all of you at Chanel who trained and cultivated such amazing staff members like Darryl and his entire team that day. Especially lucky are those who have the opportunity to work with him as his candid nature & knowledge of beauty is quite unmatched.

I must mention that while he did this, he was also able to answer questions as well as give a demonstration using my face as a sample palette. I have to honor those smart people out there who take their positions to the next level and Darryl McKinnon of Chanel certainly did that day. He really lifted me up and I have never heard so many compliments about my face as I have now. Good thing I picked up a tube of Chanel’s

I have to also share Darryl’s fashion sense. He was wearing this belt that day and isn’t it hot?? He bought it in San Francisco and I had to get a shot of it. Happy Shopping!

If you don’t have Chanel access or a bit of time to sit down with a consultant, the website has detailed descriptions and amazingly helpful How-To guides for almost every product.