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Tale of the Rude Saleslady: A Secondhand Account

Spending this Friday to rant was not exactly what I had in mind amidst all of the Christmas shopping, decorating and cheer. But my latest story is a story that we have all been a charater in at one time or another and is worth being revisited. It is the Tale of the Rude Saleslady: A Secondhand Account. I will not use names but will say that it begins one frantic shopping day when a happy husband and wife were ending their long day with a trip to a well-known handbag boutique inside of a department store. This is a common occurence as this couple combined have quite the luxury luggage and bag arsenal. As extensive travelers they only seek the best. This particular day, they were looking to acquire a pair of glasses for the wifey and already having what they wanted in mind, it was supposed to be a quick trip. Well, it turned south quickly. Upon arrival, the lady at the counter flat out ignored the pair by playing the I’m to busy looking at the display box role. After they finally asked for assistance (they were the only ones there) she very reluctantly helped them to find the perfect pair. My secondhand account was speckled with words like rushed, unfriendly and annoyed throughout the detailed description of the events.. A swipe of the card and, get this, they were not even given a Thank You, Happy Chanukah or a Merry Christmas. They were left holding the luxury shopping bag filled with a pair of glasses and a whole lot of bitterness. Admittedly, the pair was dressed down and feel that this may have attributed to their mistreatment. I say bahh humbug because there is absolutely no excuse for this type of amateur sales behavior especially at highend stores and boutiques. The malls and shops are hard enough to conquer without the cattiness of a down on her luck salesperson. As the fabulous @LuxuryTravelMom tweeted after a shopping trip to the mall this week: “it’s the mall...I need a drink.” She’s right. It’s overcrowded, loud and not to mention the parking situation is horrendous. I’ve visited a few these past few weeks and let me tell you that my “research” proved to be exhaustive. Even my children, who love mayhem, could attest to the mall’s overwhelming enviornement these days and couldn’t wait to leave.

Is this the reason that internet sales are up more than ever? The convenience and ease is so appealing to us that Cyber Monday and the weeks following has shown that we love to home. People are at the mall, let me assure you, but the ongoing deals available on the internet are making some stiff competition for the physical shops these days. Free shipping, 40-50% off, and other perks are making the internet the place to shop. I love going shopping and always will but I love internet shopping too. With the attitude and unappealing landscape that these shops are giving us these days, they better seriously shape up.

And now to the disgruntled salespeople out there: Yes. The economy is hard. It has hit us all. That is not an excuse to lose our manners. If anything, we should be honing those etiquette skills and parlaying them into extra income with creme de la creme treatment of your customers. They are the ones actually shopping and word of mouth spreads fast and you could create a pretty good client list. . Who’s to say that had you not put a smile on your face that sale could not have included more than just the glasses that day? You never know where a sale is coming from or who has the means to pay what so my advice is to 100% respect every customer if they are being respectful of you.