Happy 2013 and Hello Dresses

I have been enjoying my holiday with the best of them and hope you have, too. Now that the hooplah is dying down and it's a brand new year, I feel it is time for a change. Actually the change started months ago when I spotted this embroidered green number at 
Lynn Woods in Christchurch and instantly knew that we were meant to be joined for the festive season. Self-gifting is quite normal for me but emerald green for the holidays is not. I boringly stick with my LBD and call it good. But new hemisphere, new duds. 

Embroidery detail on pocket
 Tip: When shopping for embroidery look for clean finishes without loose frays that could cause snags later

This silk dress is Collette by Collette Dinnigan out of Australia and is gorgeous and unique. Just browsing through the Collette Dinnigan website makes you want to shop and also sheds light on why she was first Australian designer to show during the Paris ready to wear presentations. Rich fabrics, bridal and lingerie collections all done with a clean approach to design put this designer in a league of her own which is probably why my new best dress caught my eye. The white details against the crispness of the green is a perfect mix that is understated- perfect for a casual holiday. Dresses are versatile and fun.  I wore it one day with leggings because it was cool but on this particular day, I was all gams on the beach and both looks work with a piece like this. Dresses also allow for innocent feminine expression the way that few clothes can basically because only women wear them (now) and that is powerful. So is this dress. I felt alive wearing it.

This little gem also exemplifies my style prediction for 2013. More dresses. From just one piece, an entire outfit is had so how smart is dress shopping? Very. We have been piecemealed to death in our recent styling endeavors with peplum, skinny jeans and tailored jackets so now is the time to shed some layers and let it flow in the form of a dress. From mini to short and mid-calf to full length, dresses are an ideal choice for everyone because there is a style to suit us all. Floral prints are absolutely in now but, of course, I say play it simple with solids then dress it all up (or down) with accessories. 

Shopping Tip: Look for dress sales now in the US and if you happen to be down unda', give it a month or so and steeply discounted designer dresses like these will abound. 
*Shopping in the off-season is key to saving on clothes.

This is me saying, "Goodbye 2012!"

Caution: Care for silk and all clothing types according to the label!

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