Yours, Mine and Mi Piaci's

When you move to a new place and ask people where they shop, I have found reactions can vary greatly. Some shoppers are really proud and openly tell you exactly where they got it and how much they paid for it and that you should get them, too. Others are more timid and may say they forgot or softly whisper the name of the place, that while they shopped there in public, are now afraid to let others know it. People can be quite funny about where they shop sometimes. Remember how angry Elaine from Seinfeld was when the chef commented on her shoes? "Oh Boticelli's!" I have always said to shop everywhere for whatever it is that you need. Be proud of it because shopping for quality is the best way to shop smart. These days, we cannot afford to be picky nor can we afford to compromise quality. A few very smart shoppers that I know were happy to lead me in the direction of Mi Piaci.

According to their website, Mi Piaci is a premium footwear boutique, dedicated to bringing fashion forward shoes, boots and handbags. Our seasonal collections capture international trends and fashion influences and inspire a loyal following of fashion lovers.

I chose these for my go to pair of black boots. They were delivered to the house and I immediately put them on. The boot bag that they came with has yet to even be unwrapped. They have hardly left me feet since. These are a staple for all women's wardrobes so investment is key here. 

What to look for when purchasing a Forever Boot you ask? Simple as 1,2,3.
1. Real Leather. There are some pretty good synthetics but real leather will never let you down. Rain, sleet or snow.
2. Good solid sole. If they are good quality, they should last but being able to replace it is essential.
3. Classic styling. Avoid embellishments that will be out of trend next year.

These were a pair purchased in store and are a great example of a Forever Boot. You can go high or low and a good quality pair of black boots were made for walking miles.

Little secret: Mi Piaci boots are coveted. This is the actual moment these were being opened and anticipation was very high. Um...Spanish cowboy boots with silver embellishments? Worth every penny. I loved them but I am a Texas girl.

Remember to always Shop smart.