Shopping Highlight of 2013: DEVaL

This is a post that is long overdue. Mainly because I have been travelling and shopping for the festive season. However it was after our team's disappointment with the faux deals of Boxing Day that we were compelled to highlight a real gem: DEVaL. This luxury boutique has been the golden child in our shopping adventures since we moved to Christchurch. Owner and designer Debbie Lawson welcomed us into her store for the first time with champagne, open arms, and gorgeous pieces. This is a boutique unto itself offering customers a world class shopping experience that is unmatched in The Garden City. European, Australian, and of course, New Zealand designer pieces fill the racks as well as Debbie Lawson's own exquisite line, DEVaL (launched in 2007) which boasts top quality fabrics with very feminine designs and solid construction. Hudson, True Religion, 2nd Day, Dorothy Blue, Charlie Joe, Alistair Trung, Culet, and Estilo Emporio are just of the few big names that Lawson has chosen to sell in her shop giving her customers the best of the best to choose from. Originally in Lyttleton, the sister shop in Dunedin was opened after the 2002 quake. Deb returned to Christchurch soon after that and is reaping the benefits of being a part of the city's rebuild. She lost her original space but bustling Merivale has proven to be an ideal location. 

Shopping Tip: Do not compromise on quality or service when shopping. Finding a place to shop that lives up to its luxury promises is hard to do. DEVaL has given me new hope and should do the same for you.

The boutique's luxury clothing quality is matched with DEVaL's superior customer service. Every time I go in the boutique, I am met with smiling faces and honest styling advice. There is no such thing as a rude sales lady at DEVaL. They are never too busy or on the phone ignoring a potential sale. I learned a long time ago that every single person who walks in the door is a potential customer no matter what that first impression is. They know customers by name, let you know when a sale is on (there is one now!) and are never pushy.
True story: On my last vacation I was hurried and half packed. I'd needed a few pieces to update the wardrobe before my adventure began. I made a phone call to the shop and Janette Sharp (behind the desk), who has become my go to gal at the boutique, was there to answer the call as always. Sometimes it is a text. In my uber busy life I don't always have time to get to the shops alone so Janette helps me heaps and she does it so well. She knows my sizes, my style and budget so this is one less worry for me. She is a professional shopper and stylist with years of experience in the industry so each piece she chooses from the boutique is exactly the right one. Now are you ready for this? Janette is a legend. She brought the goods to me braving a house of naked children running around and a husband who was just as frazzled as I was since he too was packing for a business trip. This is the outfit she chose and do you see that detail on the back of the tank? Absolutely beautiful. I literally wore this top all over the world and received kudos in three different languages.

Pullover: 2nd Day
Jeans: Hudson Jeans
Tank: Charlie Joe