BEAUTY: Deep conditioning routine offers deep results

Here's a quick tip for all of you with dry/damaged/ color -treated/naturally curly hair. Your hair will greatly benefit from a weekly deep conditioning treatment. You can buy your own treatment from your personal hairdresser, buy one from the shops or create your own at home using products you have.

Here's our haul. We go for total eco-luxury when creating our deep conditioning beauty blend that best suits our hair.
Clockwise from the top: OlaPlex, Angel en Provence Rose conditioner and mask for curly hair, 1/2 cup organic olive oil, reusable shower cap.
Mix these all together in a bowl.  Use your hands to warm up the mixture and apply throughout hair generously from root to tip.

Cover with the cap and leave on for 30min or sit under heat for best results.

Rinse, towel dry and style to suit. Your hair will look and feel delicious. Repeat weekly for extra beauty benefits.