BABY: The Essential Layette Pieces

As a mother to five children I am often asked what are the best gift choices for new mommies. I agree that every child deserves their own personal layette no matter what order he happens to be born into. Unless you are in the motherhood, you don't get it. This article is not for you. But if you are, thinking of becoming one or plan on buying a new mommy a gift to welcome bubs, here's a simple gift-giving guide.

1. Books- Stick with the classics and introduce new languages early.

2. Blocks- Plan Toys are some of the best toys. Think eco-luxury here and shop for all-natural or recycled wood.

3. Baby bedding of all types, sizes and textures and especially these organic muslin ones. Essential for new moms.

4. Babies and stuffed toys. I get asked about these a lot and they are from Citta. He takes them everywhere. It's awesome.

5. A bit of bling. In the past I've chosen custom Ralph Lauren pieces or saltwater pearl buttons and cashmere bedding in the Pacific Northwest. Here is some delicious Dior we chose for number five.

6. Imaginary spaces like the teepee seen in the backgrounds below offer hiding spots and encourage pretend play. Even boxes will do. Actually, in the motherhood you'll find boxes to be essential beings throughout your child's life.