LIFESTYLE: Less Resolve For The New Year

Resolutions are good. Why? They help to create them #lifegoals. A yearly resest for your mental health and wellbeing. Or perhaps you have fitness goals with a running race planned in the near future. Spending more time with the family or even making a devotional vow to attend weekly Church services. Our family has resolved to use less paper in an attempt to do our bit for Mother Earth, of course executed in the eco-luxury way. Let me reintroduce the linen napkin. In the hustle and bustle of life I've turned to towels of the disposable sort to get by and getting by in life, well, that's just not good enough. I look to my historic paperless resolve to lead the way.  Citta are my choice du jour for good quality house napkins and yes they require ironing and on a good day, they get it. 

Opt for reusable dish towels (see below) made from organic Cotton for the household. William Sonoma does a brilliant sack cloth, as well.